Can it be Springtime already?

Today the sun is shining and it’s 59 degrees! I ran errands without even a sweater on! After putting my groceries away, I went out into my yard to collect the mail, and found daffodil tops reaching up out of the warmed soil, and crocusses shinning their beautiful purple faces into the sun.

I felt like singing a hello to the beauty of the afternoon, and called out to a passing neighbor to come and see my discovery! Mother Nature is confused, she told me, and we both hoped a frost wouldn’t be in our near future.

After chatting for a bit, I bent down close to the earth to take a photo and to thank the pretty posies for coloring my day with purple surprise. Then I went back inside to pour my afternoon cuppa. My bunny mug seemed to call out to me from the shelf and I chose it to make my tea. As I sat to sip and savor my freshly brewed Burgundy Keemun, I felt so grateful for this moment of springtime in January.

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