Can it be Springtime already?

Today the sun is shining and it’s 59 degrees! I ran errands without even a sweater on! After putting my groceries away, I went out into my yard to collect the mail, and found daffodil tops reaching up out of the warmed soil, and crocusses shinning their beautiful purple faces into the sun. I feltContinue reading “Can it be Springtime already?”

It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood!

The sun is shining warm enough today, to invite old friends for tea on my backyard deck. We haven’t seen each other since the start of the pandemic, so we clasp hands in happiness and gratitude for this time together! The trees are glorious in their color changing, and even as the leaves tumble toContinue reading “It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood!”

The air is crisp like the bite of a freshly picked apple

Time to dance in the leaves… Wrap yourself in a warm scarf, grab a mug of hot tea and head outside and into the fall. Notice the crunch of the leaves as you walk, the the angle of the sun in the trees and the geese as they fly in formation overhead. Breathe in theContinue reading “The air is crisp like the bite of a freshly picked apple”